CHAPA Build on Your Land


  • Submitted Application (completed application form, copy of passport bio page, proof of address, employment/source of income verification)
  • Proof of ownership (copy of certified land register dated within 30 days found at Land Registry)
  • Bank qualification letter (confirmed borrowing/funding capacity from your lending institution) 
  • Surveyor’s/Parcel diagram (Can be found at the Survey Department)
  • Cadastral map (Can be found at the Survey Department)
  • Percolation test results

    Once we receive the documentation mentioned above, you will have to make a model selection from one of our approved contractors. We will have a site visit and estimate prepared, and you will receive an offer letter showing the estimated construction cost. You submit this offer to your lending institution for the processing of your loan application. Your lending institution will require a Valuation / Engineer’s report (Your bank will instruct you on when this report will be needed)

    Once your loan is approved, CHAPA will provide you with the following:

    • Construction agreement
    • Three (3) sets of drawings (There is a $250.00 printing and processing fee)
    • Completed building permit application forms (Parcel Plan/Diagram $250.00)
    • APUA water forms (Client to fill in personal information)
    • APUA electrical forms (Client to fill in personal information)

    The drawings and the APUA forms are to be submitted by you to DCA for review and approval. Before taking the submission package to DCA, a submission fee of $35 and a 50 cents per square foot fee must be paid to the Government Treasury.

    Once DCA has approved your submission, they will return to you two (2) approved copies of your drawings as well as stamped copies of the APUA forms. You are required to submit the APUA forms to APUA and complete the Application to install water and electricity on the site.

    Once your bank notifies CHAPA or CHAPA’s Attorney, that they are ready to disburse, and we have confirmation of the installation of water and electricity to the site, we will then begin to mobilize and prepare the site for construction.

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