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Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA), Lower All Saints Road, St. John's, Antigua

About us

Housing Projects

Currently CHAPA offers a number of affordable homes in the Lightfoot, Folley's and Northsound communities. There are number of different designs allowing each client to select the design, size and layouts which best meets his/her taste and needs.

Lands for Sale

As part of our mandate, CHAPA offers residents the opportunity to purchase lands at affordable rates.

Organisational Overview

The Authority mandate provides affordable shelter for low and middle income persons. Each new endeavor will enhance and increase the organisation’s capacity to continue and assures the effectiveness of the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHAPA) as a provider and administrator of affordable housing programmes and land sales.

Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHAPA) recognises the critical role of housing in the enhancement quality of life for all citizens and the pivotal role that housing construction plays in generating economic activity for our society.

Mission , Vision and Value

Our Mission is to build a better tomorrow through the products and services we provide that support the success of affordable housing opportunities, land distribution, related services through exemplary customer service, and innovation to all stakeholders.

Our Vision is to achieve financial, quality homeownership, and lands to each client and customer we serve.

Our Value is RARE: Respect, Accountability, Responsibility, Empowerment

The Slum & Clearance and Housing Act CAP Currently falls under the Hon. Maria Browne, Ministry of Housing, Lands and Urban Renewal

Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHAPA) will expand and supply and quality of rental homeownership by building safe and attractive communities for the families it serves, improving the quality of life for the disabled and all residents.

Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHAPA) employs more than fifty (50) people who make a vital contribution to the Authority’s operations and reputation for quality products and services.

(Labour Welfare Project) This was the first housing project done by the Central Housing and Planning Authority. Houses were built in Ottos New Town, Table Hill Gordon, Five Islands, St. Johnsons Village, Willikies, New Field, St. Phillips, Freetown, Glanvilles, Seatons and Bethelsda.
Cassada Gardens Housing Project
Urban Working Class Houses These houses were built in the villages of Parham, Pigotts and Potters.
Upper Fort Road Housing Project
Cubaryl Houses The majority of the houses were built in Belmont No. 2. However, some of the houses were built on various lands for customers in York, Villa and Freemansville.
Potters/Lightfoot Housing Project No. 1
Potters/Lightfoot Housing Project No. 3
North Sound Housing Project
Lightfoot No. 6 Housing Project
Folleys Housing Project
Herberts Housing Project

CHAPA's Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for the creation of broad policies that govern the organisation. The members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Hon. Maria Browne – Minister of Housing, Land & Urban Renewal
  • Mr. Robelto Isaac – Permanent Secretary
  • Mr. Anthony Pestaina – Board Chairman
  • Mr. Aurthur Yearwood – Deputy Chairman
  • Mrs. Kerry-Ann Knowles-Charles – Secretary to the Board
  • Peter Gordon – Member of the Board
  • Mrs. Francis Albert  – Member of the Board
  • Mr. Llewellyn Smith  – Member of the Board
  • Ms. Blondel Browne – Member of the Board
  • Mr. Glenford Samuel – Member of the Board
  • Mr. Mark Shaw – Member of the Board

CHAPA's Management

The management of CHAPA is responsible for the implementation of the policies established by the Board of Directors as well as managing the daily affairs of the organization. The senior management of the organization comprised of the following persons:

  • Mr. Mark Richards – Housing Executive Officer
  • Ms. Kizzy Sterling – Accountant
  • Mrs. Nida Philip  – Accountant Assistant
  • Ms. Colette Samuel – Manager of Loans / Allocations Dept.
  • Ms. Stephany Henry – Supervisor of Loans /Allocations Dept.
  • Mr. Dave Fenton – Supervisor of Heavy Duty Equipment Dept.
  • Ms. Dulcina Marsh  – Manager of Conveyance, Registry & I.T Dept
  • Ms. Clair Roberts – Supervisor of Conveyance Dept.
  • Mr. Cleveland Williams – Supervisor of Surveyor Dept.
  • Ms. Shalorn Lewis –  Supervisor of Recoveries Dept.
  • Mr. Andre Hughes – Supervisor of Building Inspector Dept.